Our Founder. Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

Kiera Donna Laike, IRW embarked on an uncharted mission.  Her mission was to provide a contained, synced, systematic approach to stop the de-evolution of the human race. To do this she has had to release all she knew, given that she did not see it aiding humans or supporting the way she longed for all to experience being human. Humans, in their de-evolved state, bought into the beliefs of Aristotle, who began the human idea that to understand something it must be observed.  Since Aristotle’s time, all practices, philosophies, and sciences which were meant to facilitate change in the human experience have emerged from the observation of ordinary (visible) matter.   This has further trapped humans, separating them from what all observable matter forms in: a sea of dark energy and dark matter. Dark energy and dark matter, while one is in human form, will never be directly observable.  This sea is humans’ true beginning.  
Kiera, through her own sensing, has moved beyond what is known and is observable and brought the container and practice of a sequenced human evolution through the practice of Sensology.  All Sensology practices and programs, have emerged from Kiera’s sensing communication with the sea of dark energy and dark matter.  
Kiera left her observable professional career after experiencing being the director of three outpatient mental health clinics.  She began her formal training, receiving her BA in psychology with a minor in Bible from Trinity College. She continued with her Master’s from the University of Michigan in social work and a certification in Bioenergetic Analysis. Kiera specialized during her outpatient mental health career in program development.
In the whole 20 years of her observable professional career, she grieved the level of support clients were able to receive -in her heart knowing there was so much more.
Kiera’s clients feel she is amazing or superhuman. Her answer back is always, “No, merely energetically evolved.” Kiera, through her work of Sensology, offers all their energetic development.

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