What is Soul Essence?

The essence of a soul, which  most humans refer to as soul, are not the same. Soul  essence is an experience across time and space. Souls as they are popularly understood, are "spiritual" beings, having a "human experience." Sensology understands that the essence of the soul forms via our sensing and field transfer (our ability to transfer energy and information across electromagnetic fields) within the 96% of the Universe. This is a complex process taught in Sensology classes. One's soul  essence then moves across space, entering different forms. Each form the soul essence enters must "evolve" or energetically develop. This is not the same as a soul transcending the human experience.

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We Are born into a State of Amnesia

"We remember bits and pieces; yet, to remember the whole picture, we have to develop fully and gather our soul essence and ultimately each past life footprint."

Once we are born into this world, our soul cannot stay in contact with the information of the soul essence until we develop the energetic mechanisms.

It is hard to grasp a cognitive understanding of something that is everywhere, yet nowhere.


The soul essence is the least defined or understood. It is hard to grasp a cognitive understanding of something that is everywhere, yet nowhere. Our essence is an organized energy coming in and out of being. In order to come into and out of existence, there must be a mechanism for doing this.

For soul essences that choose the human journey, this mechanism is the creation of the human body and the soul footprint from that incarnation called past life footprints. In each life, we create a footprint that is the sum of the soul essence creation and reflection into the body and then the lifetime experience. On death, our bio-photon light leaves our body and is fused into a past life footprint in the human field.

A lot of confusion, conflicting information, what our souls are, control over what happens to the soul, and how the soul is created exists in society.


"It is my deepest longing that my knowing will RELEASE us from confusion." ~ Kiera Laike

Our soul loses connection with our Soul Essence

How do we make it through the journey of the abyss, complete our energetic development, and regain our communication with our soul essence?

Embodied Practice offers the mechanism of this journey. Soul essence lives within us in the third ventricle, the waterbed in the center of our head which, when developed, has the ability to be in constant communication with the Universe. The soul essence contains the perfect blueprint of our energetic self, yet cannot be constructed without the containers needed to activate the structures in the vortexes.


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Think of the Soul Essence as a Seed

Much like when the seed of an oak tree, rose plant, or corn stalk is planted in the ground, the seed already has a code that will help it find its way to grow. If we put the seed in the ground, insisting it not communicate with itself, and instead have it communicate with something outside of itself, then we would never have an oak tree, a rose bloom, or a piece of corn.

The seed (soul essence) has to listen to its own self and then express itself. If we lack the containers of soil, water, and sun, then no rose, tree, or corn could grow. The seed then begins to grow into a tree. The tree is the soul. The tree in physical form is not protected as is the seed. Once the tree grows, the seed for a time is no more, until the tree fully develops and creates new seeds. The tree then experiences exposure to the sun, wind, rainstorms, humans trimming etc.; the tree also becomes the reflection of what happens to it.

In our example, the tree is representative of our body, as it is developed out of the soul essence communication with chromosomes in the seed. When the tree has sprouted, the seed for a time is no more. Until we develop, we can lose communication with soul essence. When the tree emerges, it grows more seeds, which is the soul’s way of reconnecting to essence. When we achieve energetic development we are able to gather our soul essence to get us back in communication. This is done firstly through the third ventricle, the physical center of the head.

As our physical body develops, our soul automatically starts searching for our soul essence. Meanwhile, the soul essence never changes (except from severe situations). It is waiting patiently for the soul to start communicating with it so that it can provide the map or essence code. Since the soul essence is in communication with the Universe, once the soul finds the soul essence, it will start to communicate with the energy in the Universe through the soul essence. This safely happens within the embodied practice containers, supported in the first two levels of practice by the Embodied Teacher and through the container of this book.

There are obstacles for the soul on its quest to find the soul essence, especially in today’s world. Often we think we can find our purpose without it. Even if we fall into what our planned path is to be, it will not be


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Ever Searching

by Kiera's Client

“Ever searching, I constantly read self-help and spiritual books-with each book, I became more paralyzed and overwhelmed. I knew the information in the books was wrong for others and wrong for me. So, my knowledge of what was wrong with me hurt even deeper and became an even greater burden-until I felt so trapped that I thought I was dying. A breath of air has come, now that I can sense myself and make change inside.”


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