The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans

Energetic development allows you to gain inner strength, health, physical endurance, emotional stability and happiness.

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Evolve by 13 Stages

The structural process of evolving one’s DNA and therefore the very nature of one’s soul essence in form.

How it can impact daily life?

The 13 Stages increase our sensing ability, giving us for example, a gut knowing of which job, school, or surgeon to choose. We can immediately know which person, philosophy, or business opportunity is trustworthy. Energetic Development, the root of how life forms, is an awe inspiring, complex and beautiful process of our soul essence emerging within our physical body. We need not have a full cognitive understanding of the 13 Stages to have the structures form in our vortexes, we need only experience them.

15 Minutes Per Day

The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Human’s 10-15 minute voice files are set in the form of a Chartreuse Labyrinth. With each day’s practice we walk a new path of the labyrinth, until we reach the center and transcend the energy which has kept us from our energetic development.

Heal Your Sensing, Body Energy and Neural Systems

The Stages will slowly heal the four major energetic systems in the body (Sensing System, Body Energy System, Neural System and the Soul Essence Gathering), allowing the unseen energies to heal and flow through our fascia and nerves.

Activate Your Sensing

We then are able to sense the energy that creates our health and life, communicate with the unseen raw energy of creation, heal our neurotransmitter production - balancing serotonin, dopamine, microtubules, insulin signaling in the brain and more.

A Different Transformation

We move into a state of calm self-possession, often no longer experiencing persistent anxiety or depression. We gather our soul essence and our body energy increases. We often feel a deeper and deeper sense of coming home.

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What does being in the container of the Stages mean?

The container of the Evolve by 13 Stages is a daily voice file coded through voice frequency verse, in a container of a labyrinth, thus, creating a space where each soul can move to a sphere where their energetic development can occur. Most seek and long for this space from which their soul essence can emerge. Begin in a container which does not dictate or rule what will emerge and trusts the magnificence of the soul essence – one such as Earth’s, meeting each seed that falls. The Earth’s electromagnetic field (container) allows for the seed to express what it is, in the core of its being.

Soul Orientation: The Dance of Reflective Relationship
Begin 13 Stages

When the chromosomes line up, the being of human-based consciousness begins. Starting the journey of building the structures for the experience of life all seek. Becoming a reflection of all that is in the Milky Way.


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Experience The Benefits

People who have done the Stages have had resolution on health issues ranging from autoimmune conditions to cancer, including those which the medical profession could not diagnose.

✔  Improved Health
✔  Emotional Well being
✔  Fulfilling Relationships
✔  Soul Connection




Explore The 13 Stages

An Overview Of Each Stage and How One Can Truly Develop


Stage 01


Journey Into Form: Soul Self Entry

A soul essence consciousness begins taking a new form by passing through one that is two. The 30 unique days of a voice file practice guide one to full entry. This entry of the soul essence consciousness is the beginning of becoming a sensing being, releasing beliefs that humans are psychological, biological or spiritual. We are sensory beings that are to remain connected to our soul essence in each form through complete entry. Begin Soul Self Entry - Move through the labyrinth and remember who you are.



Stage 02 


Taking Form and Being Met

A soul essence consciousness, in its pure photon light form, has to be met. Once the soul essence creates a human form they then must be met in human form to know who they are. Without this, one feels lost, always trying to define who they are by something outside of themselves. It is being met (seen, greeted, etc.) that allows the soul essence to begin its connection to the Universe in human form. This stage not occurring as the soul is born in human form is the beginning of most internal struggles in life. These 29 days are set up to meet the listener where they are at through walking this stage on a current life issue.

A note from Kiera: In the 20 years that I have been using my understanding of Being Met, it has been the most difficult for my clients to understand when they have not energetically experienced it. The overwhelm and grief is so great that support is needed to stay and receive the soul essence being met. Therefore, it is recommended that this Being Met Stage 02 be walked to facilitate change on a current emotional issue or topic in your life that you want to create change in. This, then, facilitates the first experience of Being Met in a visible way, which is needed to move into deeper levels of being met.

Being Met determines the energetic core that the personality forms around. It also ultimately determines our ability to possess an inner self reference.



Stage 03


Living in Interrelated Energetic Boundaries

This stage awakens one to a new understanding of what it feels like to live life contained in an energetic field which facilitates the connection in and out. Move into this stage and experience a daily energetic container, one which does not dictate that you become more or less than your soul essence is. Simply contained through the interrelatedness of being.



Stage 04 


Alignment of 3 in Reflective Movement

Within every movement there is meaning, for every meaning there is movement. Each soul works hard to be their “higher self,” yet each might feel that this did not occur. 

Within an ever expanding Universe, to be in sync with our “higher self,” each one’s daily movement must align and reflect in a sequence of 3. This stage begins one’s ability to create in life through soul essence flow. Walk this stage on something in your life you want to create and experience having through flow.



Stage 05


Seeds of Passion and Position

Stage 5 creates the container for one to know their heart’s desire. Each of us long and grieve for it, yet most never even know what their essence took form to experience. Being with one’s heart’s desire readies the soul for the intensity of soul love when it comes. Possessing the Stage structures, one has the container to hold the intensity of soul love.






Stage 06


Reflective Relationship

This 30 day practice is being in the cradling of one’s heart’s desire. Cradling brings the energy in deeper to open us to the reflective pools in us. This allows us to walk and heal what is in our way of experiencing reflective relationship. As we walk, we learn to bring forward the 3 aspects of association into our reflective relationship. 

Our ability to come into reflective relationship sets us free of the kind of burden for the need to forgive, a need that depends on us changing something in us to something that has wounded us. In reflective relationship, we take in the 3 angles of association and then reflect them back, as we come into complete relationship with whatever is, without any change to our soul essence. Walk the labyrinth of Reflective Relationship.



Stage 07


Being, Soul Solidarity

When one’s soul essence begins to develop from the inside out, the pressure comes to conform. Without mastering Soul Solidarity, one is ever left vulnerable to information that blinds one from obtaining health, peace, and expression of “higher self” through one’s soul essence. 

This Stage labyrinth is to free one’s soul essence from gurus, philosophies, fads, and ‘how to’ books. These were brought into being as a way of connection because connection through soul solidarity to the energetic nature of being was lost. Walk and stand in your own magnificence connected to the energies of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.



Stage 08


Soul Pulse, Inner Fire

One’s soul pulse is one of the energetic mechanisms that allows the soul essence to gather back to itself what has been lost. This gathering of the soul essence on a photon light level creates an increased field strength. The increased field strength supports the vortex column in forming. The forming of the vortex column contains one’s inner fire. Our inner fire nurtures us, providing a warm, inner refuge in the storm of human emotions.



Stage 09


Meeting the Human Field

Soul consciousness moves from form to form to experience creation. To have complete experience in human form we must experience all feelings. When one’s energetic system is supported through its formed structures in the vortexes, feelings can be fully experienced. Once any feeling can be deeply expressed it does not cause depression, prolonged grief, or the need to manipulate feelings to be "OK." 

This we call “mastery of emotions”, which is the ability to experience feelings while maintaining a deep connection to all. From this, one’s true purpose emerges. Walk the 29 day labyrinth and begin to possess the mechanism of pure experience.



Stage 10


Earth Journey: Containing and Using Inner Fire

In Stage 10: Earth Journey, one enters the Body Energy State aisles of the labyrinth. Our ability to hold our body energy determines our energetic boundaries. Without energetic boundaries our inner fire cannot be held. One then becomes subject to all energy fields around them, with the end result being ill mental and physical health. Walk Stage 10, learning how to contain and utilize your inner fire to support you in having a strong inner sense of self.



Stage 11


Being the Bridge between Earth and Sky

Stage 11 brings a body awareness to one’s soul essence position in human form. As one’s soul essence develops in human form, we become part of the energetic matrix that holds space together. In walking this labyrinth, one finds their position within the 3 intersecting triangles, creating a bridge between Earth and Sky.



Stage 12


Creating with the Raw Energy of the Universe

Once one has mastered the earlier Stages of Human Energetic Development, it is time to learn creation through raw energy. When one tries to create one’s life or health through energy that has already been put into form, it distorts what one can create. It is the difference between being given hand-me-down clothes which one must make the best of, versus weaving the fabric fibers from the raw energy and then sewing the clothes. 

The soul essence cannot have its magnificence unless it is “weaving its own clothes.” We walk this labyrinth to get free of the sting of Scorpio, the drug that deadens us into saying, “hand-me-down clothes are the same as new.”



Stage 13


The Journey of One Becoming Two, and Two Becoming One

Mastery of this process on a soul essence level, assures one of their connections and purpose in the Galaxy. One’s soul essence forms and then a consciousness awakens. The awakened consciousness then moves and creates a new form. The new form energetically develops and connects back to the soul essence of the first form. Walk this labyrinth and experience your soul essence begin “being one” then “becoming two”, then “becoming one” again through energetic development.

Four Part Breath

Evolution Connections of Breath (Chapter 7)

When we connect our thumbs to our fingers within the Four-Part Breath practice, we use and activate neural muscular lines; these are the developmental power behind our neural activities. The neural muscular lines are in communication through the nerve fibers in the thoracic spinal column which communicate with different parts of the brain.

Practicing the Four-Part Breath allows us to create our own energetic boundary and a stronger electromagnetic field of the heart, aiding the neural connections to be in communication with the soul essence on a clearer, deeper level.

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Let The Mechanism Of "Sensing" Be Your Guide.

The 13 Stages develop the inner structures through which one can face all emotions in life. The 13 Stages are the beginning of remembering who one is on a soul level.
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Introduction Chapter


To truly awaken one must develop the ability to attach to everything - this cannot be accomplished through making everything the same or from a man-made organized philosophy or structure. True awakening emerges from the mechanism to establish and maintain relationship with everything. This ability can only be present through a pulsating process within the container of the Universe. Soul orientation is the journey to establish the mechanism to awaken these pulse containers and enter the dance of reflective relationship.
- Kiera D. Laike, IRW


Soul orientation is the presence of the energetic mechanisms in body, which enable us to be in communication across time and space. Once we establish these connections we are fully awake, each and every moment of the day and night in complete Embodied soul experience.

Soul orientation develops out of the energetic development of humans. Our human development is complete via our sensing nature of being in body. Soul orientation guides us to what our position is in body, how and what we reflect in the Universe. This reflection provides the mechanisms of amazing pure experience.

As humans, we were walled off, which separated us from the inner mechanism of our human DNA'S energetic evolution. This has created an abyss that has gotten bigger during the last 10,000 years of our evolution. In an abyss, we must possess internal guidance systems in order to manage and not lose our way, self, or soul essence.

Today, all of us are born into the human field. The human field is an electromagnetic pulse field which all humans communicate with. Since humans are energetic developmental beings, when born we only communicate with the human field. Currently the human field possesses no information as to how to get out of the abyss and we have no internal guidance system. The human field continues to dictate to us what to create. Without soul orientation, one has no mechanism of knowing if they are creating in or out of the human field. Without this self-made organized system, we are in the position of always searching outside of ourselves for the next self-help book, modality of therapy, religion, or the latest guru. One of my clients described it best. For ten years, she read every self-help and new age philosophy book she could get her hands on. Three months into Embodied Practice she had been working on developing the internal guidance systems and relayed her experience of the previous decade's journey:

"Ever searching, I constantly read self-help and spiritual books - with each book, I became more paralyzed and overwhelmed. I knew the information in the books was wrong for others and wrong for me. So, my knowledge of what was wrong with me hurt even deeper and became an even greater burden - until I felt so trapped that I thought I was dying. A breath of air has come, now that I can sense myself and make change inside."

- Kiera's client

Through Embodied Practice, We Can Learn To Know We Are In The Human Field. Without soul orientation and our developed energetic self, we cannot respond to our energetic nature of being so we can know when we are communicating with our energetic nature of being.



Energetic Nature of Being

To understand who we are as energetic beings we have to go back to the beginning of time and space - to the initial pulse in and the initial pulse out, to our knowing the creation of matter. This pulsing process or continuous pulse in and out is the underlining fabric of the Universe. The pulsating process and its connection to matter and particles is how communication occurs across time and space. We have to go back to when the particles clustered and formed into suns or planets. As these suns and planets formed they developed a mechanism of connection to the cascading pulse process across the fabric of the Universe.

As a human being, our soul body is created by our soul essence. Our energetic development begins before our physical development. Our soul essence is energy living as oriented photon light waiting to create our physical form like the gravity of the sun that formed the planets. When a Universe is created, particles of matter cluster in a group in the fabric of space to organize and form a sun. The sun then creates a container of gravity, which then becomes the container of forming a solar system.

A soul essence is a collection of photon light particles that organizes with the containers of solar systems. Human soul essence forms the soul body in our first container, the womb of the mother. Here we begin our journey of our energetic development. This energetic developmental journey should take 15-21 years to be able establish our energetic connections to the cascading pulse process that cascades across the fabric of space.

Our soul essence is like a blueprint for development of the body and ultimately the soul of that lifetime. Soul and soul essence are not the same thing, yet they need to communicate together to be fully in the pulse process of reflective relationship.

So, like the matter particles forming planets ultimately developing their mechanism of communication with the pulse process in the fabric of space, we as human beings develop our mechanisms of communication with each life.

Once we are born into this world, our soul cannot stay in contact with the information of the soul essence until we develop the energetic mechanisms. We are born into a state of amnesia. We remember bits and pieces; yet, to remember the whole picture, we have to develop fully and gather our soul essence and ultimately each past life footprint.

The soul essence is the least defined or understood. It is hard to grasp a cognitive understanding of something that is everywhere, yet nowhere. Our essence is an organized energy coming in and out of being. In order to come into and out of existence, there must be a mechanism for doing this. For soul essences that choose the human journey, this mechanism is the creation of the human body and the soul footprint from that incarnation called past life footprints. In each life, we create a footprint that is the sum of the soul essence creation and reflection into the body and then the lifetime experience. On death, our bio-photon light leaves our body and is fused into a past life footprint in the human field.

A lot of confusion, conflicting information, what our souls are, control over what happens to the soul, and how the soul is created exists in society. It is my deepest longing that my knowing will release us from confusion.



Our Soul Loses Connection with our Soul Essence

How do we make it through the journey of the abyss, complete our energetic development, and regain our communication with our soul essence? Embodied Practice offers the mechanism of this journey. Soul essence lives within us in the third ventricle, the waterbed in the center of our head which, when developed, has the ability to be in constant communication with the Universe. The soul essence contains the perfect blueprint of our energetic self, yet cannot be constructed without the containers needed to activate the structures in the vortexes.

Think of the soul essence as a seed. Much like when the seed of an oak tree, rose plant, or corn stalk is planted in the ground, the seed already has a code that will help it find its way to grow. If we put the seed in the ground, insisting it not communicate with itself, and instead have it communicate with something outside of itself, then we would never have an oak tree, a rose bloom, or a piece of corn. The seed (soul essence) has to listen to its own self and then express itself. If we lack the containers of soil, water, and sun, then no rose, tree, or corn could grow.

The seed then begins to grow into a tree. The tree is the soul. The tree in physical form is not protected as is the seed. Once the tree grows, the seed for a time is no more, until the tree fully develops and creates new seeds. The tree then experiences exposure to the sun, wind, rainstorms, humans trimming etc.; the tree also becomes the reflection of what happens to it.

In our example, the tree is representative of our body, as it is developed out of the soul essence communication with chromosomes in the seed. When the tree has sprouted, the seed for a time is no more. Until we develop, we can lose communication with soul essence. When the tree emerges, it grows more seeds, which is the soul’s way of reconnecting to essence. When we achieve energetic development we are able to gather our soul essence to get us back in communication. This is done firstly through the third ventricle, the physical center of the head.

As our physical body develops, our soul automatically starts searching for our soul essence. Meanwhile, the soul essence never changes (except from severe situations). It is waiting patiently for the soul to start communicating with it so that it can provide the map or essence code. Since the soul essence is in communication with the Universe, once the soul finds the soul essence, it will start to communicate with the energy in the Universe through the soul essence. This safely happens within the embodied practice containers, supported in the first two levels of practice by the Embodied Teacher and through the container of this book.

There are obstacles for the soul on its quest to find the soul essence, especially in today’s world. Often we think we can find our purpose without it. Even if we fall into what our planned path is to be, it will not be satisfying unless we connect through our soul essence.



Lost Without Essence

When you are lost, the first thing you must know before finding the way again is where you are. This is called the point of origin. Once we have our point of origin we need information as to how to get to the next place. We receive information by communicating with what we already know or new information we acquire by communicating outside of ourselves. However, once we go outside of ourselves we are vulnerable to false information. We have to learn how to sift through information that would cause us to become even more lost. Power comes from knowing where we are so we know which way to head.



Point of Orientation is the Beginning of Understanding What Is


If we are holding an egg and we don't know if it is a turtle egg or a bird egg, everything we assign to it or what we do with it could be disastrous; if we put the turtle egg in a bird nest it would die when it hatched. If we buried the bird egg in the sand it would die when it hatched.

Many are in a state of soul death because they cannot connect to their point of orientation or soul essence. It has been lost in a splitting of concepts that humans are psychological beings, biological beings, or a soul. This continues to cascade causing the egg to get buried in the wrong place. Of course, at first when the bird egg was buried in the sand it received heat and support to hatch. Yet it eventually meets its death. In other words, it cannot go on to live life as a bird when not in its right place of orientation.

In soul orientation, we offer an old knowledge that was taken from humanity when the human field was formed – this knowledge is the concept that we are energetic beings, who have formed to have an experience through our human bioelectric body. This vibrational bioelectric experience, miraculous and complicated, gives rise to the first Embodied Principle which gives us a container to begin to follow the ever flowing connections, to pulse process across the Universe. This Embodied Principle is named “The 4x4 To Infinity”.

When we can begin to see the Universe as a cascade of energetic interactions through a pulse relationship of expanding and contracting, as outlined in the Baum-Frampton theory (not a big bang, but a “big rift”, over and over, the Universes continually expanding and contracting), then we know that to be a part of this pulse relationship we can only be energetic beings.

The longing for awakening has cascaded across the human experience as it has been remembered and recorded. Throughout history, as cultures continued to evolve and new information came to them, as we see and understand it in embodied knowing, a separation occurred and connection was lost. In this loss of connection we fell asleep in some way. The sleep state has given rise to many man-made structures, organizations, philosophies, and religions - all of which reveal the way back to connection, through a God image or source.

In my awakening, this is backwards. The mechanism of connection within the body, because we are developmental beings, must be reestablished before we can once again communicate with the Universe, god, or source. Without any mechanism to communicate with someone, how would we ever know with what or whom we should communicate?

Stage 01: Soul Self Entry


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