Reflective Relationship

Being With the Sensory Nature of Being

Over thousands and thousands of years of our evolution, most of us have lost our abilities to listen, respond, sense, and speak the energetic language of the pulse fields of the Universe, our sensing. Just like traveling to an unknown part of the world, communicating in the energetic realm through our sensing is difficult at first. Sensology Practice and courses were created to rebuild our internal guidance structures to become sensing energetic beings, connect with our soul essence and eventually experience the ultimate life fulfillment, dancing in reflective relationship within ourselves and with others.

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Our Sensing Super Power


Sensing is our complex super power in the Universe! One aspect of sensing is a field-to-field transfer.

Sensing is an aspect of the 2nd Vortex. Sensing is critical in being human and being able to interpret the 5,000 signals coming at us in any given moment. Human tactile, visual, auditory, and olfactory senses, pick up anywhere from 100 to 300 incoming signals at a given moment. Our sensing systems, through our vortex development, are responsible for taking in the rest of the 4,700 to 4,900 incoming signals.

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The Sequence of Energetic Development

Remembering What We Lost


From Birth

We are not born as fully developed energetic beings. For human energetic development to take root, we must gather back to us what we have lost: our soul essence energy which is composed of photon light. One must make the field transfer of one's soul essence into human form.

Discovering Soul Essence

Our soul essence acts as a catalyst for our energetic development. It is like DNA, telling our energetic system how to form. Each of the first seven Stages develop one of our energetic centers, or vortexes in the body, allowing us to interpret the energies of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Developing Our Vortexes

Having our vortexes developed is like having a strong internet connection to the information and energy spiraling to us from the Universe, supporting our development. This allows us to gather information from our soul essence, our vortexes, and the energy fields of Earth and stars all simultaneously.

Gathering Of Information

This information guides us back into our evolutionary track, resetting our energetic development. Imagine for example, if we could download, comprehend, and accurately interpret all the information that Google has ever indexed within moments of interconnected spiraling time frames, all guiding our energetic development. The 13 Stages give us back this ability.

Evolve By 13 Stages

All communication however, needs a mechanism, a conduit. If we don’t have the energetic mechanisms needed to communicate, we will miss out on the information. For example, to communicate with the internet we need a computer. If our house does not have electrical wiring, electricity will not flow through the house. The daily 10 to 15 minute voice files (MP3) of the 13 Stages on this website prepare your energy system to be the conduit, with the "wiring" to be in continuous and cascading connection to your soul essence and the ever-changing energy fields.

Free From Cognitive

Luckily, we do not need a full cognitive understanding of this process in order to benefit from it. Just as a baby developing in utero does not need to understand the complex physiological process that nurtures its development and health, so too do we not require a complete understanding of how our energetic development creates health in the body. We simply need to experience our soul essence calm, the neurotransmitter balancing, the increased physical energy and health and more that the 13 Stages give us. So, when you are ready to begin the stages, release the need to understand everything and allow the words and their healing energy to wash over you.

Begin The 13 Energetic Stages

Energetic development allows you to gain inner strength, health, physical endurance, emotional stability and happiness.

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Ignite Your Sensory Evolution

A significant part of human history has been hidden from most of us for over thousands of years. As humans expanded across the continent of Africa, through Egypt, the human field had not yet been created. Humans were on track with their energetic development and their brains were developing on target. All this changed overtime. Awaken and relearn what has been missing for thousands of years.


Learning To Use Our “Sensing”

When we lose the ability to sense through our energy system (vortexes), we become numb to feeling and knowing. We then seek solutions outside ourselves, forgetting that everything we need is within.

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Sharing Experiences Across The Globe

Ever Searching

by Kiera's Client

“Ever searching, I constantly read self-help and spiritual books - with each book, I became more paralyzed and overwhelmed. I knew the information in the books was wrong for others and wrong for me. So, my knowledge of what was wrong with me hurt even deeper and became an even greater burden - until I felt so trapped that I thought I was dying. A breath of air has come, now that I can sense myself and make change inside.”

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Through Sensology Practices and other simple techniques, you can reclaim your peace of mind and live a happy, healthy and well life. Find your path to develop what has never been.

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