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Our mentors will accompany you through the journey of the 13 Stages. You can decide to choose a package that includes mentorship or let the 13 Stages guide you within our self-directed courses.

Begin Stage Mentorship

Stage 01: Soul Self Entry


Sequenced Session Offerings

  • 30 unique daily voice file experiences
  • Daily journal guide
  • Star Form support
  • Session available for 6 months
  • Does not include mentorship

Introductory Entry Package


A Powerful Beginning

  • 50% off offer for new customers
  • True value $174.95
  • 45 minutes of Certified Energetic Development Mentor (CDM) support via text, email, and in-person 
  • Stage 01: Soul Self Entry Sequenced Session
  • 30 unique daily voice file experiences
  • Daily journal guide
  • Star Form support

Energetic Development Mentorship


Everyone Needs Support

  • 50 minutes of mentorship with a Certified Energetic Development Mentor (CDM) 
  • Email, text, and in-person mentor support options
  • Remote energetic adjustments
  • Does not include Stages

Abbe Grossman, CDM,  CPT

Abbe is a Certified Energetic Developmental Mentor (CDM), a Certified Embodied Practice Teacher, and Pulse Therapist at the Sensology Institute. Through her eleven years of training and Embodied Practice she has activated all four layers of her seven vortexes, gathered her soul essence energy from lifetimes past and present, and opened electromagnetic field communication with Earth and Sky. Abbe’s personal training in Sensology with Kiera D. Laike expanded her knowledge of the 13 Energetic and Developmental Stages of Humans. This deepened her understanding of the complex energetic structures needed to facilitate healing on emotional and physical levels. 

As a Certified Embodied Practice Teacher, Abbe teaches Embodied and Pulse Practice, an Embodied Practice class for Health Care and Teaching professionals, and an Embodied Relationship with Food class for healing overeating and its energetic, neuro-transmitter and emotional basis. 

Abbe began a clinical practice in the mental health field in 1993 after receiving her Masters in Psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies. Her prior, 13-year teaching career began in 1981, running a foreign language program based on her unique teaching methodology, attuned to energetic dynamics of classroom learning. Having completed her teaching work, and later 20 years in mental health, Abbe has made a soul-level commitment to bring to all who choose an understanding of embodiment and a connection to soul essence, through the practice of Sensology.

Jana Wright, BS, CDM

Jana was first introduced to Kiera D Laike, IRW in 2010 after suffering from an autoimmune disease. She knew on a soul level that the path of lab work, and a life time filled with medicine did not feel right. After meeting Kiera, Jana quickly healed and began her journey of Energetic Development. In the last 10 years, Jana has taken many of Kiera Laike’s classes including Teacher Training, Sports Practice, Basic Practice, and Keto. She has learned how to maintain a daily practice focused on grounding, connecting with the energy of the elements and planets, and clearing body energy points. This practice created the beginning of finding contentment on a soul level in this life. Understanding that we are energetic beings changed the way Jana lives her life. The beginning of each day, and each experience, starts from a perspective of reflective relationship. Making this change allowed Jana to feel more joy, and gain the ability to move through difficult emotions quickly. In 2014 Jana became of student of the 13 Developmental Stages. It was a life altering experience which led to soul growth, strong physical health, and mental wellbeing. She found herself having more patience and better relationships with her family, children, and friends. The positive adjustments came with each completed Stage. Jana would like to help others in their journey through Energetic Development, especially the journey through the 13 Stages. It is her desire to share this gift so that others can feel the peace and joy of Energetic Development.

Gia Findley, BS, CDM

Growing up, Gia had a sense that there was more to us than meets the eye. She was intrigued by the scientific finding that we only use a small percentage of our brain.  She felt that we had dormant skills and abilities that just needed to be rediscovered. She had yet to realize how she was using her sensing in her life at the time to guide her and create opportunities. As she got older, she began to seek answers. In college, she decided to pursue her fascination with the Earth and Universe, so she took courses in Geology and Astronomy, yet she felt that we were still missing so much information. She read countless books related to all of the above, but continued to feel disillusioned by what was available.  Gia eventually stopped searching and lost her way. She let other interests guide her, which ultimately led to living her life with too much stress and anxiety. Over time, this took a toll on her mental and physical health. In 2013, Gia was introduced to Kiera through a friend. Regrettably, it would be three more years before Gia would realize that the answers she had been seeking were right in front of her. In January 2016, Gia developed Interstitial Cystitis, an autoimmune disease. Months of medical treatments and numerous prescriptions failed to bring any relief. Refusing to accept that she would live a life of chronic pain, knowing that real healing had to be out there, Gia reached out to Kiera again for a session.  She felt months of pain melt away in minutes. This was the moment Gia knew she had found the answers she was looking for and was finally on a path to healing. Eager to speed up her healing, she immediately began Sensology Basic Practice and the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans, and signed on with a Mentor for support. Not only did she recover from the trauma of Interstitial Cystitis, she was also able to learn energetic skills for overcoming anxiety and much more. Once she discovered these practices would, over time, slowly begin to heal her from the inside out, not just on a physical level, but on neurological level, Gia dove in and never looked back. She has studied Sensology Basic Practice, Sensology Pulse Practice, and Certified Energetic Development Training, as well as continuing development through The 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans. Her experience of the 13 Stages and Sensology Practice, has awakened her sensing to her connections to the Earth, Sky, and the Universe, and through these connections, has deepened her understanding of how we were meant to function as humans. She became a mentor, to support others in their energetic development, just as she was supported, to free them from their daily struggles. It is her desire to help others find relief from the physical and mental illnesses they are plagued by, so that we can return to our energetic sensing nature and experience a life free of suffering.  

Iris Nickerson, CDM

Iris is a Certified Energetic Developmental Mentor (CDM) offering mentorship to children and adults.   She has attended Sensology classes and maintained a daily practice since 2013, including training under Kiera’s direction since 2018. Iris struggled in many ways in her life, not knowing who she really was.  This made it hard to know which paths to take.  Consequently, she wasn’t making relationship or career decisions on a soul level, resulting in failed relationships, anxiety and not knowing what she wanted to do in life.  Just as the sun and the moon know their position in the solar system, Iris, (through the 13 Stages and Sensology practice) was able to come into her position, in reflective relationship with the Universe, and simply know which path to take. Through that process, Iris sensed to accept a job at her children’s school.  She saw the elementary school children struggling in many of the same ways she had. She witnessed, on a daily basis, energies coming at the students and how they changed the children’s behaviors and mood.  Through Iris’s training and the 13 Stages, she provided energetic containers and boundaries, and the children felt a safe haven with her, often, and unexpectedly, pouring out their struggles or emotions. Having taken that job everything fell into place. Iris knew this was her position, to energetically support children. Seeing the suffering begin at such an early age broke Iris’s heart. Knowing the support that the 13 Developmental Stages bring to all who listen, she made a commitment to help all those she could, children and adults, as an energetic mentor.

Dana Ruben, CDM

Dana Ruben began her journey of energetic development in 2017 when she first met Kiera. Suffering with a combination of chronic digestive complaints, sleep problems, and hormone imbalances, energetic development catapulted her healing, regulating all of those conditions. Searching for solutions to health concerns through any means – energetic development, western medicine, and Chinese medicine have been at the forefront of Dana’s efforts to help others.  
What Kiera and energetic development offer, the sense of being met and completely understood, deepened her interest in this field. Dana participated in numerous Sensology classes including Basic Practice, Remembering Keto, Target Track ANS: Autonomous Nervous System, and the Certified Energetic Development Mentor training. Prior to Sensology, Dana studied both Western and Eastern Medicine. She has a Master’s in the Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a license in Acupuncture. She began her acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice in 2017. The skills Dana learned from Basic Practice and the 13 Stages of Energetic Development dramatically improved her treatments with patients. This unique practice can cascade into any area of our lives.  Energetic development gives each individual a lens to view the world, others, and themselves in a completely new way while providing long lasting coping tools for our lifetime.

Forest Levy Wolfe, BS, CDM

Forest’s energetic development practice started in 2015.  Her life direction had taken courses she wasn’t prepared for such as divorce, professional dissatisfaction and other personal disappointments.  The loss of connection to herself was painful and overwhelming.  The need to rebuild was supported by energetic development.  Evolving with the 13 Stages became a daily practice that significantly improved her emotional wellbeing, relationships, soul connection and health. Mentoring clients through their stages is an honor of reflective relationship she values greatly. Forest earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Applied Human Learning from the University of Texas in 2006. The love of learning and teaching is a gift she shares in all aspects of being with anyone she meets. She has worked with youth of all ages and their families for 20 years. Classes she has taken classes through the Sensology Institute include: Introductory Class, Sports Practice, Vortex Field Communication, Embodied Mentor Training in 2017, Remembering Keto, Basic Practice Mind Control and Certified Energetic Developmental Mentor Training in 2020.

Elana Haron, CDM

Elana began her energetic development after her first few sessions with Kiera in 2016. She had consulted with various doctors but, after graduating in college, she began to suffer from anxiety, confusion of career and self-direction, sleep issues and digestive issues. After her first few sessions with Kiera she could sense herself coming back to life, when for years she thought she would never feel whole again. Since 2016 Elana has taken every class offered at the Sensology Institute and in doing so her life has taken a complete 180. She studied Sensology Basic Practice, Remembering Keto, Sensing Through COVID-19, Target Track ANS (Autonomic Nervous System), and the Certified Energetic Developmental Mentor training (CDM). Elana stopped searching for the magic pill and began using the road map that Kiera and the 13 Stages gave her; She realized that she had more power in herself than she could ever have imagined. She no longer had to ask for others to approve her choices, she just knew through her sensing, instead of second-guessing every move she made. She remembered the spark of who she truly is.  She rekindled her love for writing music, changed her career, moved past stuck relationships, and was able to stand up to people trying to take advantage of herself or others.  In daily life, simple tasks that once seemed overwhelming and arduous, now often came with ease. Elana is a University of Michigan graduate with a degree in Communications and is a Michigan Real Estate Agent. After college Elana worked as a pre-school teacher and having witnessed the students suffer at that young age, she is passionate to offer the 13 Stages to children and adults, to prevent humans from ever again searching outside of themselves for solutions.  She is passionate about sharing her journey of transformation with others. She helps both children and adults to find the true happiness of a life free of fear by being in communication with our soul through the 13 Energetic Stages.  

Chris Griffin, LMSW, CDM

Christine began her journey with Kiera Donna Laike in 2007 when she was experiencing difficulties with deep grief related to her family of origin. She had been to therapy sessions and studied many different spiritual paths, but was always left with a sense that there were great voids of missing pieces. Kiera has helped Christine to come into balance in her life in many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She began taking classes with Kiera, around that same time, which were, at that time, called Embodied Meditation classes, and for the first time the "meditation" which she practiced with Kiera's guidance, brought her into a deep connection with her soul essence, or as some might understand it, a sense of her true self. As she developed her practice, she wanted more, and continued to learn by taking more classes with Kiera, and eventually became certified in teaching Embodied Practice classes. Christine taught the basic Embodied Practice classes and then began to study at a deeper level, learning some of the basic healing mechanisms of the practice. Christine’s studies and integration of Sports Practice has enabled her to bring her physical activities such as biking, kayaking and cross country skiing to a higher level in her 60’s than when younger. When Kiera first offered the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages, Christine decided to practice them, as everything else she had offered had demonstrated tremendous value in her life’s journey. In practicing the stages, initially it was challenging even though in "real time" it is simply listening and connecting on a daily basis to a 10-15 minute "meditation" which would seem to be relatively easy. But, the energies that come through are both tremendously healing and at the same time, when one first starts to do them, can be confusing or bring up deep issues in need of "healing, releasing, or processing." In completing the 13 Stages she has experienced more deeply the transformational emergence that unfolds from maintaining the daily practice of doing the stages. Christine feels very blessed to have Kiera mentoring and supporting her through this fabulous journey. Having completed the Mentorship training, Christine, a Certified Human Energetic Developmental Mentor, is excited about being able to support other fellow aspirants to awakening and assist others to come into a beautiful way of being on this journey of being human. These are challenging times in which we now live. Maintaining the practice provides us with serenity regardless of what is going on in the environment around us. An added benefit is the connectedness within our community, which consists of people from all walks of life. Christine looks forward to being in a supportive role with those of you who begin the journey of awakening through the 13 Developmental Stages.

In her full time position, Christine is a psychotherapist and has been for over 30 years. Embodied Practice supports her in practicing therapy with her clients in a way that she can truly "meet" each client in a grounded, honest and reflective way. Christine welcomes you all to the journey of awakening!

Mary Grace Ash, BAS, MA, CDM

Mary Grace Ash is a Certified Embodied Practitioner and Certified Human Energetic Development Mentor (CDM).  She has trained and practiced embodied practice with Kiera D. Laike since 2004.  Mary Grace knew from an early age that what we see physically in the world is not all that there is. She sensed that what was traditionally taught by spiritual leaders might not be accurate. She perceived that if we could understand more about the unseen, we could eliminate the emotional and spiritual longing that creates disease, bringing balance and peace into our lives.  This realization began her lifelong journey, studying many different spiritual paths, traditions and methodologies as well as her formal education in the health sciences and research. Mary Grace began practicing the 13 Stages in 2012 and quickly realized their unique gift for us.  She also realized the undeniable value of mentorship while practicing the daily transformational work.  This realization along with her desire to make a truly remarkable difference in people’s lives, inspired her training and work as a CDM mentor. Mary Grace looks forward to being in a supportive role with those of you who begin the journey of awakening through the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages. Mary Grace also integrates her energetic skills with her love of being with her family, animals and spending time lakeside.


Sue Van Elslander, CDM

Sue originally came to see Kiera 2009 when she had a personal illness. She had gone from one doctor to another with no end in sight. Kiera cured the illness, and introduced her to the 13 Energetic Stages.  After doing the daily practices, Sue learned that every human being is energetic and that returning to that energetic nature, is what the body needs to thrive, to have a strong physical and mental well-being. Since then, Sue has studied to be a Certified Human Energetic Development Mentor. She has also trained in Sports Practice classes, Embodied Practice and Pulse Practice and has completed the 13 Energetic Stages.  When doing the 13 Stages over, she learns something new each time.  For those who would begin their energetic development Sue writes: “In Stage 01 you learn to gather your soul essence.  When you hear the gentle whispers it is then you will know they are coming from your soul.  You will also notice your perception and sensing will be greater.”  Sue would like to help others grow in their journey through the 13 Energetic Stages so they may find the true contentment of their soul.

Our Founder. Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

Kiera Donna Laike, IRW embarked on an uncharted mission.  Her mission was to provide a contained, synced, systematic approach to stop the de-evolution of the human race. To do this she has had to release all she knew, given that she did not see it aiding humans or supporting the way she longed for all to experience being human. Humans, in their de-evolved state, bought into the beliefs of Aristotle, who began the human idea that to understand something it must be observed.  Since Aristotle’s time, all practices, philosophies, and sciences which were meant to facilitate change in the human experience have emerged from the observation of ordinary (visible) matter.   This has further trapped humans, separating them from what all observable matter forms in: a sea of dark energy and dark matter. Dark energy and dark matter, while one is in human form, will never be directly observable.  This sea is humans’ true beginning.  
Kiera, through her own sensing, has moved beyond what is known and is observable and brought the container and practice of a sequenced human evolution through the practice of Sensology.  All Sensology practices and programs, have emerged from Kiera’s sensing communication with the sea of dark energy and dark matter.  
Kiera left her observable professional career after experiencing being the director of three outpatient mental health clinics.  She began her formal training, receiving her BA in psychology with a minor in Bible from Trinity College. She continued with her Master’s from the University of Michigan in social work and a certification in Bioenergetic Analysis. Kiera specialized during her outpatient mental health career in program development.
In the whole 20 years of her observable professional career, she grieved the level of support clients were able to receive -in her heart knowing there was so much more.
Kiera’s clients feel she is amazing or superhuman. Her answer back is always, “No, merely energetically evolved.” Kiera, through her work of Sensology, offers all their energetic development.

Be in Reflective Relationship

With Ourselves, With Others and Nature



Over thousands and thousands of years of our evolution, most of us have lost our abilities to listen, respond, sense, and speak the energetic language of the pulse fields of the Universe. Just like traveling to an unknown part of the world, communicating in the energetic realm is difficult at first. Sensology Practice was created to rebuild our internal guidance structures to become sensing energetic beings, connect with our soul essence and eventually experience the ultimate life fulfillment; dance in reflective relationship within ourselves, with others, and with nature.

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