Why Bullying Has Not Decreased or Stopped Through Awareness

Jan 22, 2021


The point of origin of bullying is the lack of container in parents and children, which would allow them to know what is painful to another. In other words, the point of origin is a lack of empathy. Bullying is present in every culture and walk of life - yet where has this bullying en masse come from in the population?

It emerges from the need to control someone emotionally or physically.

Graham, a 10-year-old boy who listens to Stage 01, contacted me about writing Instagram posts to stop bullying on Thursday.   And as I was walking my dog on Friday, I observed the following:

Three children on one side of the street were yelling at a younger child on the other side of the street. He wanted to come over and the three said “No.” Then came the bullying. One of the three children started yelling that the younger could not come and play, “It’s my house and if you want to pay the bills, you can come and play.”   “The smaller boy attempted to speak after this, to which the bully boy replied, smacking his hand on his fist as he yelled back, “Conversation is ended.”     

 So, the bullying boy is making the younger child feel he is bad for having a need: to come over and play.  This can then cause the little boy to not feel safe going out to play in his own yard. But the key here to change is the bullying boy. It could not have been clearer that he was repeating what one of his parents says to him when he dares to have a need.

 In the circle of bullying, all are in need of energetic development: the bully’s parents, the bully, and of course the little boy who dared to have a request. Sadly, all the signs, programs, and awareness cannot stop this circle.

Energetic Development Stage 01, the starting point of energetic development, begins giving each child and parent an inner sense of self and soul which cannot form from outside boundaries.   It was the inner sense of self which Graham learned in Stage 01, that allowed him to know who he is and finally stop the bullying. It is always through the internal sense of self that makes one not apt to hurt or control someone.

Author: Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

 Click to see Grahams first post from 6/16/19 on @SoulEssenceChild Instagram.

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