What is the Human Field?

Jan 22, 2021

Author: Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

If any of you despite discipline, practice, dedication, and much more feel like something is blocking you, it is what we call the human field.

It only takes 100,000 humans to create an electromagnetic field as strong as the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Humans create bio electricity, each person releasing one hundred to four hundred watts every day. These watts are not like watts that come from power plants, just as the electromagnetic field of Earth is not like the fields generated by power plants. Human’s watts create a field we all live in.

These watts released by humans affect everyone’s brain and bio electric body. Have you ever spent time with a severely depressed person and after a while you started feeling depressed? The watts that person was putting out held the bio electric energy of depression. If your own field were organized enough, you would not be affected by the field of the depressed person.

So, look at this en masse. Humans have devolved into a very disorganized state, resulting in physical and mental illness, substance abuse, political turmoil worldwide, etc. These are the fields we are all living in every day. This we call the human field.

Humans are energetic developmental beings, so once the field of Earth was set off balance, it was hard to get out of. To begin allowing humans their energetic development, each must get free of the human field.   Within each of the 13 Stages of energetic development is the mechanism to transcend the human field and facilitate your energetic evolution.

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