What "Is"...

Jan 22, 2021


The information presented in this blog came to me first via my sensing. I am Kiera Donna Laike, founder of the Sensology Institute. Sensing is a complete way of understanding all things - beyond intuition or cognition. In Sensology we hold a knowing that comes via one’s sensing which emerges out of one’s energetic development.

I have supported all who have contracted the virus on an energetic level, and supported all in understanding its origins. I have been here offering energetic development so all can meet, sense and know ‘what is’; The virus was designed to hurt us.

The information in this blog has emerged from my meeting what is. Where references are cited, my sensing was verified by a researcher.

The Milky Way Galaxy is not yet fully evolved (not fully developed). I know this through my sensing and many other means. But some of you may wake up to what is in the galaxy through the following information.

The Milky Way will begin to merge with Andromeda Galaxy, which is a halo galaxy. If the Milky Way has not finished evolving into a halo galaxy prior to this event – lets just say on a soul consciousness level – there will be great suffering.  

It is time for us to stop and look at what is. Not ‘what if’.

‘What is’…

Is energetic development. Evolve by 13 Stages can aid everyone and was given by the Milky Way to support human evolution (which, is directly tied to the Milky Way Galaxy’s evolution.)

Begin to deal with what is and, over time, unleash true potential, not a pretend one.

‘What is’…

Not ‘what if’, will change the face of the coronavirus. www.EnergeticDevelopment.com

What is…

Fear of COVID-19 is due to the human population facing something, without our energetic development, something that was brought into being to reduce the population and change the human genome. Not in a positive evolutionary direction.

What is…

In each form a soul must energetically develop (evolve) this very evolution outlined in the 13 Energetic Stages of development, dictate one’s connection to the pulse fields ( the fabric of space). Without it, humans continue to devolve. 

What is…

In light of a review of human history, there is not much to reset to in this time of silence. If each looks outwards for answers - for most do not have the capacity to look in – then in the end, history will repeat itself.

Believing that the release of the virus is here to help us – because families are spending time together again (yet the video gaming sites all have been crashing), or believing that because, with all of China shutting down, the sky is clearing so they can see blue sky again, or reducing travel because it reduces pollution - may be comforting, but without energetic development, the virus still alters the human genome.

People do not have what the body, brain and soul need to ‘stop,’ maintain social distancing, and stay home. Their hypothalamus pituitary axis is waiting for the “all clear” which has not come, so the diencephalon part of their brains is in a neural inflammatory state.

Mandated restrictions on the population, has been the response to the Coronavirus – yet this leaves most sitting around waiting for this to pass. It will change nothing. Human energetic development will slowly allow humans to evolve, living connected, free of disease, knowing who, what and why we are all here.

Don’t wait.



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