Jan 22, 2021


Author: Kiera Donna Laike,IRW

The Universe has sustained itself for 13.5 billion years because of reflective relationship. In reflective relationship, there is no concept of luxury. In reflective relationship there is only meeting and, in some way, an equal transfer.

Remember that “love” was taken and put into the dopamine reward system during the Love Ecliptic and that the ecliptics are built on each other. Click here to read “Love?” blog.  

So, once “love” was taken this laid the path for the Luxury Ecliptic.   Luxury is the taking of something, where there is not an equal exchange. It is the ultimate in feeding off of something. 

Yet luxury, like love, all seek. It is completely defined by having more than you should. A luxury dinner is more food than you should eat in a restaurant that usually has cost anywhere from 1 – 3 million to build out.

Luxury is the ultimate lie - for at the end of the feeding you cannot sustain yourself or the earth as the Universe sustains itself in reflective relationship.


– Ever Offering –

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