Bullying Is A Mechanism of Energetic Control

Jan 22, 2021


Graham, sharing his first post, has overcome his fear of bullying. Click to see Grahams post from 6/16/19 on @SoulEssenceChild Instagram.

He has gained his inner strength through his energetic development and cannot be controlled by bullies. Afterall, when you understand it, the core of bullying is about energetic control of another person.

Bullies use their sensing out of their fear of lack of control to fuel their bullying. Bullies, in their core of being, do not feel safe in the world. So, behind every bully is someone who is exercising control over them. They then move into the world looking to find a way to energetically control someone else, using bullying as a mechanism of control.

Those being bullied do not possess the energetic boundaries to not be affected by the energetic control of the bully. In a child’s energetic development Stage 01, Soul Self Entry is about gaining that internal control over self. Children who possess energetic boundaries are not affected by the energetic control of the bully.

Children listen to one voice file at night or in the morning for 30 days. It takes them through the labyrinth that has kept their soul from finding a way to be fully here on Earth. Being fully here brings them the internal control of self and therefore no matter how someone bullies them, the bully cannot control them. The children experience the safety of their internal self. The mechanisms of this have eluded humans until now – all can have energetic development.

Purchase Soul Self Entry for your child. The voice files are appropriate for any human 6 years or older.

Author: Kiera D. Laike, IRW

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