Abundance, Something All Seek

Jan 22, 2021

Author: Kiera Donna Laike, IRW

Abundance in human form has always begun and ended with the ability to feed a population. To open up to the point of origin of the Abundance Ecliptic, we must open to knowing that the ecliptic's around Earth are built on each other.

The Love Ecliptic (June 21 – July 1) laid the groundwork for the very forces of nature to be manipulated. It aligned love with the dopamine reward system of the brain. This placing a distorted value on physical sexual orgasm only occurring through physical contact. Love across time and space has been one of field transfer. It is the ability to share information on a photon light level. This is done through the smallest aspects of the particles sharing space back and forth between particles of photon light of the soul essence. This occurs through close proximity and from permission from the soul essence. It is this vibratory sharing and then return, of those particles to the sender, that creates unity. The ecliptic moving it into the dopamine reward system without a container of light particles returning to the one sharing them. This ecliptic also binding the memory of how this occurred in the aquatic phase of humans, before the human field.” – Emotional Ecliptic Voice File .MP3 Transcript  (click to read “Love?” blog)

Given that love was put into the dopamine reward system, love was then for the taking. In the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, Hades steals Persephone, taking her to the underworld. Her mother Demeter, goddess of the harvest, demands her return or no food will grow on Earth. Hades is forced to return Persephone, but not before tricking her to take in ”pomegranate seeds”, this representing the field transfer in a love relationship. She then is bound to Hades, forced to return spending part of each year with Hades to feed on her through field transfer. Attachment to being fed “abundance” is revealed here in this myth.

Those that pursue abundance will be trapped somehow, something is given up that they are not aware of. This mechanism of seeking abundance, keeps one from their energetic development and reflective relationship. In reflective relationship none can be tricked or forced to produce for abundance. Humans still pursue abundance for they are ever longing to be free of the need for it.

Begin to open your mind and listen to the Abundance Ecliptic between July 02 and July 11.


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