Para-Awareness Classes

When one is able to understand that nothing is simple or straightforward, in a world where information has been altered and hidden, then one is able to have awareness of the unseen world of parasites.

A Monthly Subscription Offering:

  • What occurs
  • Cycle of freedom
  • What was given (the hydra)
  • 1 live class per quarter
  • Class recordings
  • Live Q&A


Terms & Conditions:

Disclaimer for Sensology Parasite Protocols
Kiera Donna Laike is not a medical professional. Information provided is not considered medical advice. Sensology information has been determined through remote viewing of highly trained parasitologists. Note: medical professionals and alternative professionals in America are not trained in parasite identification or treatment. If participating in one of the Sensology parasite protocols and taking pharmaceuticals, one should check with their prescribing doctor or pharmacy professional as to drug interactions. I/We understand and acknowledge that completion of payment for this class constitutes a signature in agreement with this Disclaimer.


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Every 3 months

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