It is our sense that the search for purpose is answered only in the awakening to our own soul essence within the human form and the understanding of the mechanisms of connection therein.
- Kiera D. Laike, IRW

About the Practitioners
There are three types of Embodied Practitioners available to you. Each Practitioner has studied and maintained Embodied Meditation Practice for at least the past one years (some for as long as 10 years). This practice is an active energy practice to establish the emergence of each practitioner's soul essence structures. The Embodied Practitioners will communicate what they see and sense, regarding your topic or questions, through their soul essence.

Embodied Sessions:
All of the healings are organized through the Theory of Sensology. At the core of Sensology, we are energetic, sensing, and in our original relationship of being.

It is as if each of us has nine phone lines ringing at once. They are ringing to give us information on each moment of our day. Few of us have the ability to answer even one, and instead may turn to someone else to tell us about the message. Embodied Practitioners have the advantage of being able to answer more than just one or two of these lines. The Embodied Practitioner can give you more complete information to aid you in taking charge of your changing environment.

Your Embodied Practitioner will use soul essence development to provide you with the insight, information, and energies necessary to create change in a variety of aspects of life, one step at a time. The Practitioners meet you where you are in your life journey. This means they respect your process and where you are on your healing path. They will help you work on what you are ready to heal.

You will receive a customized service based on the direction and focus of your needs.

Kiera D. Laike, IRW

Kiera D. Laike, IRW, emerged from her profession in psychology to bring the world her knowing of humans as sensory developmental beings. Kiera dedicated 20 years of her career to provide cutting-edge treatment and innovative programs. She developed programs to overcome substance abuse, eating disorders, and trauma. These programs elevated Kiera to the top of that profession. Despite the treatment success of her clients, she longed for them to have more.

Kiera experienced a deep grief as she supervised therapists, witnessing limited temporary relief, and finding no mechanism to the whole of being. In response, Kiera developed Bio Self-Emergence, the 13 Energetic Stages of Humans, which evolved into her Theory of Sensology. This theory encompasses a multi-level healing practice that embodies human energetic field communication with Earth, Sky, and ultimately the Universe.

In 1995, Kiera founded the Embodied Wellness Center (which became the Sensology Institute in 2013) offering Embodied sessions. These provide such a vast sensory development that clients receive healing for ailments such as anxiety, cancer, depression, autoimmune disorders, relationships, and more. Sessions awaken and heal each individual’s energetic sensory development at a cellular, biological and neurological level. Overtime, individuals learn how to live in functional oneness to renew and sustain physical, emotional and mental wellness through field transfer.

Teaching Embodied Practice, Pulse Practice, and training Certified Embodied Practitioners is Kiera’s passion. Kiera’s work has earned her the respect of her community and collaboration from top oncologists in Michigan.

Observing the level of despair and disillusionment in the spiritual self-help information market, Kiera’s heart led her to write Soul Orientation. In Soul Orientation, readers are taught to hear the vibratory language between Earth and Sky - over everyday pollution - so they can sense what is within themselves, others, and nature. Through sensing, readers develop the containers within the body in which their soul essence crystals forms. These crystals are the making of true connections.

Kiera has immense knowledge from a depth of experience in this life and the integration of past lives. She combines her knowledge, strength, compassion, and humility to help others heal their mechanism of connection to soul essence to live rewarding and embodied lives. Her longing is for Earth to dance in reflective relationship once again.

Abbe J. Grossman, MA, CPT, CET

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Abbe is a Certified Embodied Pulse Therapist at the Sensology Institute. Through her nine years of training and Embodied Practice she has activated all four layers of her seven vortexes, gathered her soul essence energy from lifetimes past and present, and opened electromagnetic field communication with Earth and Sky. Abbe’s personal training in Sensology with Kiera D. Laike expanded her knowledge of the 13 Energetic and Developmental Stages of Humans. This deepened her understanding of the complex energetic structures needed to facilitate healing on emotional and physical levels.

As a Certified Embodied Practice Teacher, Abbe teaches Embodied and Pulse Practice, an Embodied Practice class for Health Care and Teaching professionals, and an Embodied Relationship with Food class for healing overeating and its energetic, neuro-transmitter and emotional basis.

Abbe began a clinical practice in the mental health field in 1993 after receiving her Masters in Psychology from the Center for Humanistic Studies. Her prior, 13-year teaching career began in 1981, running a foreign language program based on her unique teaching methodology, attuned to energetic dynamics of classroom learning. Having completed her teaching work, and later 20 years in mental health, Abbe has made a soul-level commitment to bring to all who choose an understanding of embodiment and a connection to soul essence, through the practice of Sensology.

Articles by Abbe J. Grossman, MA, CPT, CET

Denise Bigelow, CP, CET

Denise Bigelow, CP, CET, CDM embraces her position as a Certified Embodied Practitioner, teacher and Certified Human Energetic Developmental Mentor serving the Sensology Institute. She gained this position through many hours of disciplined Embodied Practice. The Embodied Practice has gracefully guided Denise to gather and contain her soul self which has created organized energetic structures and the containers to hold them. These structures opened avenues to communicate to Earth energy, Sky energy and it grounds through Earth. These contained energetic structures are in constant communication allowing for relationships to form from which she meets the people that come to see her for Embodied Sessions and mentorship in the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans.

Denise's first introduction to energies led her to an apprenticeship in Shamanism. This engagement to shamanism has led Denise on the journey of searching for fulfillment of self on many levels, ever leaving her shy of being met. (Being met - the ability to connect to soul essence and through that alone connect back to the Milky Way). Moving into the active practice of energetic development Denise has gained invaluable connections and experiences, bringing her to where she is today, to a very satisfying and meaningful relationship with herself.

Denise teaches Embodied Practice, and offers Embodied Sessions and mentorship in the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans which offer experiences of healing, gathering, forming, containing and being in relationship. Through the beauty of being Embodied, Denise has committed on a soul level to offer and assist others on a journey of soul essence emergence.

Candace Bollon, CP, CET

Candace Bollon is a Certified Embodied Practitioner. She has trained and maintained an Embodied practice since 2000. Candace’s long practice is demonstrated in her healings through her ability to structure human energetic systems to a deep level. Her teaching of Embodied Practice has stimulated and awoken Candace’s abilities to connect between earth and sky.

The dissatisfaction of life that people feel along with the pain and suffering that people are in will forever affect Candace and her healings. From an early age, Candace has sensed and felt the unseen energy of life. Daily, Candace gathers her own soul essence, allowing her to access the information of her soul knowledge to support her healing of clients.